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With the TRT integrated systemBeams and PTR Pillars – there are no longer any structural elements to be carried out on site, but prefabricated in steel, made in the factory and ready to be easily assembled on site. Through our products, a mixed structure is built that has countless advantages compared to a traditional reinforced concrete product.

TRT System

TR Technology has been making Mixed Reticular Beams since 1967.
Combining the characteristics of the reticular beam with our company’s 50 years of experience, we have evolved the product with the more sophisticated TTR beam. The TTR beam is a product that has developed by adapting itself to the most modern construction techniques and methodologies, allowing it to be used in every project.
The PTR mixed truss column is an innovative type of construction resulting from the collaboration of the steel jacket and the well-known properties of concrete.
Combining the technologies, TTR Beams and PTR Columns, we present an integrated mixed system with high performance, the TRT SYSTEM.
Structurally more resistant, light and compact, allows the realization of the works in a very short time reducing economic costs.

Sistema TRT