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TRT System

We have been building mixed steel-concrete structures for over 50 years.
Technological evolutions and state-of-the-art systems.

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Self-supporting solutions of excellence, for over 50 years


The TTR beam is a reticular beam composed of upper currents, cores and plate, with the innovation of particular constructions that make it currently the highest form of evolution of the previous mixed truss beams.

Resistance, lightness and economy are the main characteristics of TTR trussed beams.

There are many reasons for using a TTR truss beam: self-supporting, reduced sections, speed in laying, cost-effectiveness.

The TTR steel beam does not need to be supported, reducing site labor costs to a minimum.

With the same load and net span as a reinforced concrete beam, the TTR reticular beam has a geometric section reduced by up to 40%. The TTR reticular beam does not require casting stop formwork, as it is already equipped with a sheet metal side upon arrival at the construction site.

All these advantages lead to the most important features: saving time and money.

The PTR mixed pillar is a steel tubular with square or circular section.

Much more resistant than traditional pillars in reinforced concrete or steel, the PTR circled pillar with equal stresses allows to maintain a reduced section, always appreciable in the architectural field.

Even the PTR steel pillar, like the TTR truss beam, does not require formwork or supplementary reinforcement to those already present when it arrives at the construction site.

TR Technology supports the customer in all the steps necessary to complete the work.

Our technical office will assist the professional in all phases of the design, and if required, our assembly teams will carry out the installation.

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